3 reasons why women love dating a sugar daddy

Sugar Daddy

At first, it might seem obvious why women choose to date sugar daddies (even though they might be twenty years their senior!). But there’s more to the sugar daddy attraction than meets the eye. In fact, sugar daddies are exciting change from the norm of dating men of a similar age. For most ladies in their twenties, the idea of dating a stoner or a beer pong champion sooner or later gets old, and women want something more solid. The latter is why we are presenting you with 3 of the top reasons why women love dating those sugar papas:


Financial Stability: For college-aged women, having a boyfriend whose idea of a fancy meal out is a trip to KFC or McDonald’s just doesn’t satisfy or hit the spot. Some women want to spoiled and treated like queens, and this is precisely why the sugar daddy is so appealing. He never has to worry about paying his bills, or stress about how much dinner cost.


Experience: Because a sugar daddy is typically older and has made all his mistakes, he is able to impart wisdom and knowledge on any younger women he dates. Furthermore, his experience in the bedroom goes a mile further. He may not be as fit and agile as the younger blokes, however he has learned how to satisfy women and make her sexy.


Appeal: Women love dating sugar daddies because they love feeling hot and attractive. It’s a mutual exchange where the older man feels lucky to have an sexy younger woman on his sleeve, while the woman feels flattered by his praise because she knows she’s probably the hottest piece of ass he’s ever tapped.

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