3 tips for being an excellent sugar daddy

Sugar Daddy

Once you have made the decision to become a sugar daddy in a young woman’s life, you must make an arrangement that works for both of you.


In exchange for your financial support, your “sugar baby” must oblige to your terms and conditions of love, affection and sex. She is your arm candy, and you provide her with the means to look and feel her best at all times. Now, many women have seen good sugar daddies turn to horrible men because the monetary hold they have over women can cause them to become disrespectful, and even abusive. Do not fall into this trap, and instead keep in mind what it takes to be a good sugar daddy:


Keep your promises – A man who isn’t true to his word doesn’t deserve the title of sugar daddy. If you say you are going to buy/help buy your sugar baby a car, college textbooks, a new wardrobe, and other things then she is going to expect it. If you break her trust, the agreement might be over.


Impart wisdom and teach her how to stand on her own two feet – Sugar daddies understand that their relationships with sugar babies will eventually come to an end. If he is a good sugar daddy, he will teach her and help her attain the tools necessary for her success. The last thing he wants is for her to be dependent on him eternally.


Listen, and be a friend – At the end of the day, the relationship is not just about sex and companionship. It’s about a quality friendship where each person listens to the others needs and does their best to meet the other’s needs.

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