4 signs she’s a golddigger, not a sugar baby

Is there a difference between a golddigger and sugar baby?


On the surface, many would say “no” because technically both women date men (usually much older) in order to receive money and gifts. However, there is one fundamental separating factor and that all boils down to intent and manipulation. Sugar babies are usually quite innocent. Think young college girls in need of some monetary assistance while they try to study, finish school and start a decent career. Golddiggers, on the other hand, make a career out of preying on rich men. Don’t be fooled! Always be on the lookout, and pay attention to the following signs that you might be dating a golddigger:


  • You suspect she’s with many other men – Something just doesn’t feel right, and your gut is telling you that you are not the only one she is playing for money. She might even have multiple cellphones because her phone is always off and you can never get in touch.
  • She doesn’t follow through on her promises – You make plans for dinner, and she is always cancelling last minute because “something came up”. Furthermore, she’s a tease when it comes to sex, and you are constantly frustrated by it.
  • She doesn’t work yet she lives an extravagant lifestyle – When you met her, you thought she must be a very successful career woman, however you soon came to realize that she doesn’t work at all. So where is she getting the means to buy all her crazy make up, jewelry and clothing? Answer: She’s a pro golddigger.
  • She only has sex when you buy her something or give her money – This is probably the most obvious sign. She will tease you, and cancel on you and make you angry, but once you have finally given her what she wants, then she has no problem with sex. Funny how that works eh?

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