4 tips for becoming a sugar daddy

If you are the type of guy who has frequented escorts in the past, and has no qualms about paying women for their time or sexual favors, then perhaps the sugar daddy lifestyle is the one for you. Sugar daddies are usually wealthy CEO’s, entrepreneurs or life-long rich kids who love to party and have sex with numerous attractive women. Becoming a sugar daddy isn’t just something that happens over night, it’s a process that takes you from point A to point B, and in order to become the sugar daddy of many ladies’ dreams, you should probably take note of the following tips:


Learn to become a true gentleman – Just because you are rich and hold a lot of power with your wallet, it doesn’t mean that you can behave like a jerk and treat a woman with disrespect. The best sugar daddies appreciate women and treat them like royalty.


Take good care of yourself and practice good hygiene – Once again, being rich doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about your appearance. You will attract hotter women if you show a sense of confidence through your style. Keep your teeth clean, get your hair cut and styled frequently, and always shower before a date – even if you’ve been a three day drinking bender.


Learn how to flaunt your cash in the right ways – Don’t throw money around like it’s nothing, and instead show your wealth through your taste in alcohol, food, cigars and the car you choose to drive. This keeps it classy and respectable at all times.


Establish your own personal rules and boundaries – Entering into a relationship with a woman on the basis of being her provider is no small feat and it should come with an established set of rules and agreements designed to satisfy both of you. Don’t let a woman take advantage of you, and always stay true to your person boundaries.


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