A Sugar Daddy You Can Suck On!

Many Sugar Daddies are from the “Baby Boomers” generation, so here’s an idea for a sweet gift from a caring Sugar Baby that will make him smile, and its also something you can both suck on!


Sugar Daddy is a classic old-time candy that will strike a chord with your baby-boomer Sugar Daddy, invented by Robert Welch in 1925 and originally called the “Papa Sucker.”
When the term Sugar Daddy became widely popular, the candy followed the trend and underwent a name change in 1932. The marketing strategy was to suggest a wealth of sweetness, something all you Sugar Babies can boast of!
Manufacturers also introduced the Sugar Baby in 1935, followed by a chocolate-covered version – Sugar Mamas in 1965. Sugar Baby is still available but the Sugar Mamas were discontinued in the 1980s.
Suagr Daddies were famously the sponsor of the “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match in 1973 between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.
For those Sugar Babies who help their Sugar Daddies watch their waistline, the Sugar Daddy candies on sale today come in two different sizes: the Junior Pop, with 53 calories, and the Large Pop, with 200 calories. There are also two holiday special edition (Valentines and Christmas) Giant sizes – 1/2 Lb with 964 calories, and 1 Lb with 1928 calories.

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