Advice For Sugar Babies Seeking Sugar Daddies Online

Having a Sugar Daddy in your life can be very rewarding in a plethora of ways. Getting the right one is not so easy, as you are competing with about 9 other Sugar Babies for every Sugar Daddy out there. Online dating is a very accessible way to find a Sugar Daddy, but unless you know what you are doing you won’t end up feeling very sweet at all.

When you write your profile make sure you emphasize what you have to offer, don’t just focus on what you need from a Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Daddy will understand the nature of the relationship, but he won’t want to feel like its just a transaction. He will like to believe you are actually attracted to him in some way also, not just there for what he can provide.
When you wrote your profile, let them know you are fun, exciting and adventurous yet discreet and extremely understanding. Its a good idea to portray that you are looking to have fun and to be learn what you can along the way.
Post photographs that are sexy and appealing, but not slutty and overly provocative. Sugar Babies are not prostitutes or a porn actresses, so don’t project that with your profile photos. Sexy and classy is the perfect balance and will definitely attract a Sugar Daddy who will take you seriously.
When a Sugar Daddy contacts you via a message, don’t say anything too aggressive or anything that might be misconstrued as offensive. Sometimes the written word can come over differently than how it was meant so be aware of that. If he says something you think is out of line then check out what he meant before you rebuke him and end up losing him before you start for no reason. Just be a fun and friendly Sugar Baby, like your profile says.
Once you feel sure the Sugar Daddy who has contacted you is is who and what he says he is, offer a phone number for him to call or text you. It will make you appear friendly and interested to meet him, making the Sugar Daddy feel wanted.
It is also important for you to state what it is you are looking for, when the time is right. The negotiation is the most crucial part of the early stages of the Sugar relationship and you both need to be on the same page from the get-go. If you need a weekly allowance or rent paid, let him know before you take another step, as well as mutually agreeing on the frequency of visits. Your Sugar Daddy will most likely appreciate your honesty . While you should vocalize your needs, its a good idea to let him take the lead on the number of times he wants to see you and work it form there.
Good luck!


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