Alternative Sexual Enhancements For Sugar Daddies

  1. Some Sugar Daddies are approaching their golden years and maybe not as active in bed as they once were. There are countless products out there that claim to make you go all night, some of them even claim they can make you have sex all weekend. The veritable minefield of sexual performance enhancers are aimed at a variety of different issues, such as making an erection harder, erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation. Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) is the best known and most used of them all, available by prescription and very safe when used correctly. Here is some insider knowledge on some alternatives that Sugar Daddies might be interested in:
  2. Horny goat weed
    Horny goat weed (also known as randy beef grass) is a herb and is used in sexual performance enhancers as a natural enhancement that aim to boost a man’s testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that ignites your sex drive.  
    The herb can be found in beverages, some even alcoholic, as well as in pill form, with a similar effect as ashwagandha or Indian ginseng. It helps alleviates stress, which is also a contributing factor to low sex drive or erection-sustaining problems, so reducing stress should help in the bedroom
  3. Sharks, rhinos, turtle soup and elephant testicles
    The sexual performance enhancers are steeped in folklore and from cultures that still hold true to ancient 
    tradition. Whether or not they work is debatable but nothing wrong with trying. These are classified as supplements, products sold as drugs have to go through lengthy and expensive testing and FDA approval processes, so classifying them as supplements is a lot easier. But that doesn’t mean these supplements are safe, so check with your doctor before using them. Also if they are derived from an endangered species (rhino horn) please don’t support their commercial sale and use.
  4. There are also a variety of sexual performance enhancing drinks out there, one of the better known ones is Mama Juana, from the Dominican Republic and Magnum, from Jamaica.
  5. Some of the above can sound a bit off-putting – like, who really wants to swallow something with elephant’s balls in it? But turtle soup can be very tasty and is claimed to help with stamina during performance. If you visit an exotic destination you will find a lot of these enhancements on sale locally. Natural remedies are always best as long as they are used correctly and have efficacy, but as Sugar Daddies when you have a young hot Sugar Baby you need to please, it may just be better going to the doctor and getting some little blue pills.

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