Check Out The Home The King of Sugar Daddies Bought His Wife

Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy Sugar Daddy Sugar DaddySugar DaddyTheres a more than a 60 year age gap between legendary Playboy founder and Sugar Daddy head honcho Hugh Hefner and his beautiful 27-year-old Playmate wife Crystal Harris.
And as the perfect gentleman, Hef splashed $5 million last year on a plush Hollywood Hills estate for Crystal, to ensure she’s taken care of when he finally goes to the Playboy Mansion in the sky.
The house is jointly owns by the couple and will belong to Crystal in the event of Hef’s passing. Although they both live in the Playboy Mansion currently, with no plans to move, that property is actually owned by Playboy Enterprises and rented by Hef. He wants to make sure Crystal has a dance roof over here head when he’s gone and this luxurious estate fits the bill.
There is, though, one minor hitch – should the couple get divorced Hef will either give her the house, buy her out, or fight it out in court.

The house comes with 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, an infinity pool and sick views over LA – perfect for a young widow!

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