Children Of Sugar Daddies “Live Longer”

In the past, older fathers have been blamed for passing on genetic mutations to their children, causing some forms of autism, schizophrenia and other disorders. But scientists have published results from a recent study, providing compelling evidence that children fathered by Sugar Daddies live longer, due to longer “Telomores.” 
Quick biology lesson: Telomeres are tiny caps on the ends of chromosomes, vital strips of DNA that make cells less vulnerable to disease and slow down the ageing processes. Think of them like those tabs you see on the end of shoe laces that prevent fraying. Longer Telomeres are a sign of being biologically younger and healthier. 
Professor Christopher Kuzawa, from the Northwestern University in the US, said in most cells telomeres shorten over time, but in sperm they actually lengthen. So mature Sugar Daddies that reproduce at an older age have children with longer telomeres compared with their younger counterparts.
The study was conducted on 1,779 young Filipino adults and their mothers. By measuring the telomere length of DNA in the blood of scientists were able to determine the ages of the children’s fathers and grandfathers.
Researchers found that a person’s telomeres lengthened with their father’s age at their birth and also with their paternal grandfather’s age at their father’s birth. This illustrates the outcome is amplified over generations – the paternal grandfather’s age is directly associated with longer telomeres in his grandchildren.
The results imply that men who father children at a later age in life can lead to increasing, multi-generational lengthening of Telomeres in descendants – which can lead to longer life.
“Although it is well established telomere length shortens with age in most proliferating tissues sperm is an exception – older men have sperm with longer telomeres,” said Prof Kuzawa. “This may be explained by the fact the activity of telomerase – an enzyme that extends telomere length – is high in testes. Consistent with the fact offspring inherit half their chromosomes from sperm, offspring of older fathers tend to have longer telomeres.”
A previous study of people aged 60 and over found those with longer Telomeres lived four to five years longer than other respondents with shorter Telomeres.
As well as living longer, the study showed people with shorter Telomeres were three times more likely to die from heart disease and were over eight times as likely to die from infection.
Another great reason for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to consider having children together.


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