Dating Rules For Sugar Babies


Sugar Daddy

Ok Sugar Babies, you have passed all the stages of introduction and verifying with your Sugar Daddy, its time to date. Your first date is the most important one you will have with your Sugar Daddy, first impressions are everything, so you need to ensure you leave your Sugar Daddy panting with admiration and counting the days to your next date.

Leave your ego at home. You are more than likely young, but you don’t want to come over as inexperienced, spoilt, immature and just too needy for your Sugar Daddy. Don’t act like a preening, entitled little princess thats doing your Sugar Daddy a favor by even being there. Your Sugar Daddy will certainly be coming with his own larger-than-life ego and its important not to bruise it.
Wether you care or not, ask him about his interests, likes and dislikes and what made him so successful. Show a keen interest in HIM and hopefully he will reciprocate. If he doesn’t ask about you, don’t be offended, you made this relationship choice so work with it.
Maintain your standards, don’t come with rules. Your SUagr Daddy picked you because he saw something he liked. Don’t make him feel like you lured him into an arrangement and then you changing the game on him. Whatever you agreed to initially, stick to it. If not, he will be out the door and looking for another Sugar Baby in double quick time.
Respect and set boundaries. Find out from your Sugar Daddy what his boundaries are and make sure you stick to them. Its not a one-way street so also vocalize what your boundaries are and make sure you reinforce them if you feel like they are being over stepped. Make sure he knows what you are and aren’t willing to do and make sure he respects them too. If he doesn’t respect you as a person and only wants to own you, pull the plug and move on.
Act like you’re in a relationship, because you and your Sugar Daddy ARE in a relationship. It may not be the orthodox type, but its still a relationship and it may grow into something you never imagined at first. Never give the impression you are just on a date because its an obligation and you just want to get your allowance and go home. You won’t see your Sugar Daddy many more times, that’s for sure. Respect goes both ways, so treat your Sugar Daddy with the same level of respect you want for yourself.
Be appreciative. When you receive money or a gift, thank him in more ways than one. Sugar Daddy relationships are based on giving and receiving, for both parties. Show gratitude for what he gives and does for you, especially if he gives you something extra. Its crucial you make your Sugar Daddy know that you value him and what he is doing for your lifestyle. 

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