Do Sugar Babies Have To Be Attracted To Their Sugar Daddies?

Its a given that Sugar Daddies are attracted to their Sugar Babies, its the number one criteria on any Sugar Daddy’s list. The first thing a lot of people who see a Sugar Daddy at an upscale mall or restaurant with a beautiful Sugar Baby on his arm, “how can she be attracted to him?” While its not by no means a requirement for a Sugar Baby to get turned on when she sees her Sugar Daddy, it can certainly help her in the relationship. But its not the be-all-and-end-all.
There are many women who are attracted physically to older guys, regardless even of their Sugar Daddy status. A lot of older men, especially Sugar Daddies, take care of their physical appearance. Frequent gym visits, trips to the spa and the best threads, can give older men a lot of sex appeal for Sugar Babies. But even when its not the ideal physical form for a Sugar Baby she can often find other things in her Sugar Daddy that can make her find him irresistible.
Attraction comes in many forms, not just the physical. What starts out as a sugar arrangement often blossoms into something much deeper for reasons other than movie star hunky good looks. Women can find men attractive for their accomplishments in life – a Sugar Daddy’s status can exude sexiness. Personality also plays a big part in attractiveness, beauty is only skin deep as the old adage says. As time goes by and a Sugar Baby develops real emotions for her Sugar Daddy it also changes the physical perception. This transition will then make a Sugar Baby find things in her Sugar Daddy that she may not have seen before. His eyes, his smell, his overall sexiness.
This undoubtedly helps the Sugar Baby reconcile any self-esteem issues she may have over her relationship choices, so while physical attraction is not an immediate requirement for her, it will help her feel more comfortable and thus help the relationship to grow. Sugar Daddies must be conscious of this also and maintain their looks and appearance. When your Sugar Baby looks at you with a glint in her eye and a wry smile on their lips and whispers “let’s stay in tonight” in your ears, you know its much more than a business arrangement.


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