Emotions with a Sugar Daddy!

Let’s face it men. When you get older, sometimes your confidence takes a nose dive. This is common and easily fixed. If you are looking for a Sugar Baby to dote on and shower with affection, be ready for a few emotional issues to attack you.

confindence old-confident

1. One emotion that may hit you the hardest is insecurity.

Obviously if you have a sugar baby, she is interested in your money, but they aren’t always self serving. You need to have self confidence because if you accidentally get a SB that is a merciless bitch, she will prey on any little flaw. Be as confident in this relationship as you would be in any business relationship. Women are attracted to strong, confident men that sometimes have a touch of bad in them.

2. Remember, you’re not quite as young as you once was.

¬†Your little fella may take a little bit longer to react than it used to. IF you are finding this as a problem, talk to your doctor, but don’t be ashamed of it. ¬†There are hundreds of thousands of men out there that need a little extra help. Just make sure, before you go popping random blue pills, that you talk to your doctor and find out that it’s the best course of action for you!

3. There is that saying about age. It’s like a fine wine.

You’re not old you are aged. Just about everything gets better with age. Be proud to rock it and she will be proud to rock you. Confidence, my friends, that is what a lot of women want. You’ve earned your age, show her that SHE is the lucky one to have you, not the other way around.

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