First Time Sugar Daddy? Here’s Some Advice

Treating your Sugar Baby with respect is the most basic of requirements to being a great Sugar Daddy. This includes making sure she doesn’t have to ask for what she deserves. As a Sugar Daddy you are well-off and successful, but that doesn’t mean treating your Sugar Baby like a lowly staffer. She is bringing just as much to the table as you are, in her own way. She’s not a piece of meat so show your class and treat her like a lady. Send a car for her when you are meeting for a date or provide her with transportation for example. If you’re going to be late, call.
Be Generous
This is essential in any Sugar Daddy relationship. You have a young beautiful woman on your arms – make sure she wears the finest things. If you’ve worked out a weekly or monthly allowance with her, giving her gifts will show your appreciation more and help foster a smooth relationship. And its not always the expensive things that show generosity – flowers or tickets to a concert are inexpensive ways of being a great Sugar Daddy, as well as a trip to Gucci. Your kindness will be repaid in kind by your Sugar Baby.
Sugar Daddies are often involved outside of a Sugar Baby relationship. You may be married, you may even have more than one Sugar Baby, so its essential that you set appropriate boundaries. Blurred lines, by Robin Thicke, is a nice song but you don’t want the reality of a Sugar Baby knowing where you live or or office for example. Make it clear from the start to your Sugar Baby when communication  can happen and make her aware of any situation you don’t want her to affect. Give her the ultimatum that if any of the boundaries are breached, it will cause the termination of the relationship.
This also goes both ways – respect her boundaries too. Don’t show up unannounced where she works or start acting like a stalker by calling her more than you had mutually agreed.
Be A Mentor
You are successful, experienced and knowledgeable. Take an interest in what your Sugar Baby wants to achieve professionally and guide her, share your insight. You may even help her build a network or provide a reference for her. Teach your Sugar Baby entrepreneurial skills that helped your own success. She will be an eager student and I’m sure show her gratitude in ways she knows you like.

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