Got A Boyfriend And A Sugar Daddy? Here’s How to Keep Them Both

There are many dynamics to sugar relationships, one of which is the Sugar Baby having a boyfriend outside of the sugar situation.

Some Sugar Daddies are comfortable with this, others not so. What is crucial is to be honest to your Sugar Daddy up front. If he’s comfortable with you maintaining your relationship with your younger boyfriend then keep calm and carry on. If not, your prospective Sugar Daddy will probably look elsewhere.

If you do decide to juggle both relationships, be sure that you can keep up to your commitments to both men, managing your time and affection is not an easy thing to do so think it through carefully before entering such a scenario.

Its very very important to keep the two worlds far apart – your Sugar Daddy and boyfriend should never meet. Its probably best if they don’t even know what the other one looks like, so no sharing snaps and make sure your phone is locked from prying eyes. The green-eyed monster is not welcome in any relationship and you certainly don’t need a jealous Sugar Daddy on your hands, who may decide to move on just when things were going nicely.

Understand your younger boyfriend’s situation in life and remember why you date a Sugar Daddy. Your boyfriend might not be able to get you everything you want so don;t get on his back about “my Sugar Daddy buys me this,” or “my Sugar Daddy takes me to fancy restaurants.” That is a road to disaster in your relationship with your boyfriend.

Don’t share anything you Sugar Daddy tells you in confidence. Sugar Babies are often an escape form a Sugar Daddy’s life and can be great confidantes, so don’t abuse that trust. Don’t share any details of who he is, what he does or anything about him to your boyfriend. Your Sugar Daddy requires discretion, he may be married, so don’t do anything that might rock his boat.

Ultimately you may have to choose which one of the relationships you want more. Sugar relationships can lead very far so be conscious of your relationship with your boyfriend if you find yourself falling in love with your Sugar Daddy. If your boyfriend is what matters most to you then prioritize your life in that way, but don’t cancel on your Sugar Daddy too often otherwise he might just cancel for good.


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