he Modern Day Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

The traditional image of a Sugar Daddy – a mega-rich, wrinkly old divorcee who probably needs his beautiful Sugar Baby to help him up from his chair, has been wiped away in recent times. Today’s Sugar Daddy is a lot younger and, in fact, a lot less wealthy. Unfortunately for the Sugar Babies too, they are actually spending less money on their beautiful young May-December partners too.

A recent online survey showed that in 2007, the average age of a Sugar Daddy was 44.  In 2013 the average age of a Sugar daddy dropped to just 39. The percentage of single Sugar Daddies has also shot up over the same period, laying to rest the stereotypical image of a married Sugar Daddy playing away with his Sugar Baby. In 2007, 46% of Sugar Daddies were married, which dropped to 33% in 2007, proving more and more single men are choosing the unconventional relationship Sugar Daddy lifestyle.

And here’s the harsh facts for Sugar Babies – the modern-day Sugar Daddy made an average of $273,301 in 2013, a pretty steep decline from $321,482 in 2007. The knock-on effect is the modern Sugar Daddy spends less on their Sugar Baby allowance – a drop off of $13,572 between 2007 and 2013. 26% of Sugar Daddies are entrepreneurs, 21% work as professionals and 16% in the finance industry.

Atlanta has the highest number of Sugar Daddies but the most generous ones reside in Miami, followed by New York and Los Angeles.


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