How To Be The Best Sugar Baby For Yourself

Sugar Daddy

If you are new to the world of Sugar Daddy dating, you may be unsure how to act, how to dress, even how to speak to your Sugar Daddy. There’s no perfect answer to any of the above but these pointers should certainly help you and your Sugar Daddy get the most out of your relationship.

Vocalize Your Needs:

Sugar Babies start out wanting an arrangement, very few start out with the intention of seeking a hubby – if that happens thats great, but most journeys start out as a Sugar relationship. Its important to be honest from the start, you have nothing to lose, but do it with tact and don’t make your prospective Sugar Daddy just feel as if its all about the money for you, a transaction. Make sure you and your Sugar Daddy are both on the same page, outline your needs. Being confident will also weed out any creeps who will know you are not the type to be pushed around.

Feel Comfortable. 

If at any time you become uncomfortable with anything at all, wether starting out or in a sugar relationship, don’t do it. Don’t feel like you are being pressured into sex, if you’re not ready then your Sugar Daddy will have to wait. If you;re not comfortable meeting your Sugar Daddy in a private setting, or traveling out of your comfort zone, then let him know. The right Sugar Daddy, one who really wants to spend time with you, will respect your wishes and make other arrangements that make you comfortable. If you don’t feel like he is providing for your needs, its ok to tell him that too. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and Sugar relationships are no different.

Keep Your Own Life Separate

If you are entering the relationship with your Sugar Daddy to meet your own goals, make sure he is aware you do not want to see him very frequently, as if it were a conventional relationship. Keep your circle of friends and family out of the relationship, unless of course you are feeling your Sugar Daddy so much you do want to take it to another level. Make sure you don’t start living above your means just because you get used to certain things with your Sugar Daddy. You don’t want to put your life on a plain that is hard to maintain in the event the relationship ends.


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