How To Break Up With Your Sugar Baby, And What To Do IF She Goes Nuts

The worst thing that can happen shouId you decide to break up with your sugar baby would be for her to rogue on you and lose her mind. Like many relationships in the beginning everything can be smooth and both parties are riding a wave of euphoria. But should you decide you are not so happy with the arrangement anymore, or should you wish to seek new pastures, the best way to avoid drama is to break it off with as much class as possible. If that doesn’t work we also provide a few safety tips if she turns into a psycho. 

It’s always a great idea to have a separate phone number for this relationship. Never give her your personal number, explain your other phones strictly business which is why you haven’t given her the number to the other phone. If things go left quickly you will be very glad you did this. The same with home and work, its a good idea to shield certain things form your sugar baby, for the purpose of discretion and in case you have a messy break up in the future this will certainly be a blessing.

Crucially, to avoid a woman scorned scenario, break it off with her in person – don’t send the dreaded break up text and then avoid all calls. Take her out to dinner and explain that you care for her and her feelings so you don’t want to hurt her because you can’t feel the same way she does. Make her feel like you are considering her feelings, being very courteous rather than stringing her along. Add that there are many other sugar daddies out there who would be glad to have a relationship with her, someone who is more deserving of her than you are. Someone who can give her all her needs, where you are failing. This will help her feel it is actually positive for her. Perhaps even give her something that you know is her favorite, to soften the blow further. You should part dinner very amicably. Also ending it on a nice mutually agreeable level might leave the door open for one-off meets in the future should you so desire.

If your sugar baby doesn’t accept your decision to move on, you need to be firm with her and try and not let it get out of hand as quickly as possible. Maybe give her a great gift or a lump sum, but be careful with this because she may take this as a sign of weakness that if she acts up more the more she can get. If so, threaten her with legal action – you’re a mature successful guy, she will know you have the resources and connections to make this happen so this should calm things down.

Tell her you have a new sugar baby, though this might add fuel to the fire. But one thing it will do is help her realize you are 100% serious and have moved on. You don’t want to start an unseemly public cat fight so make sure they don’t meet.

If she’s still acting up tell her you will report her to whatever site you met her through, which will mess up her chances of landing a new sugar daddy in the future. She won’t want to mess up that, trust me. It will also act as a document in case you have to go the legal route.

You may have to use a combination of the above, but hopefully you’ve conducted yourself as a classy, genuine guy throughout the relationship so she will respect your decision and you won’t have to resort to any of the latter. Always remember  you are not stuck in any arrangement with a sugar baby, and there will be times when your sugar baby might want to move on also. Whatever the case, always part on good terms and never give her an illusion that your relationship is more than what it is, then when it is time to finish she can’t say she thought it meant more.


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