How to find a sugar momma




Sugar Daddy

The term “sugar momma” is nowhere near as popular as the sugar daddy notion, however the times are definitely changing and in this generation we are seeing the rise of wealthy, independent females who love sex and want to find and support men solely for that purpose. This type of woman does not want commitment, and would rather meet a younger man with whom she can simply have fun.


If you are on the lookout for a sugar momma, and feel no qualms about having a woman provide for you, then here are some tips on finding the lady of your dreams:


Find an ideal dating site: It’s hard to spot a sugar momma out in public because she’s usually very discreet, and not willing to attract the attention that your typical cougar might strive for. Finding an ideal sugar momma will involve doing some research and finding the best online dating site who suits your needs and interests.


Flirt and master the art of a sugar momma pickup: Regardless of her wealth, beauty and confidence, every sugar momma loves to receive compliments, attention and flattery from young, attractive men. It makes her feel youthful again. Don’t come on too strong, and make sure to flirt, tease and do all those things you would do usually. Just ensure that she knows you think she’s beautiful and show her why she should be with you.


Make the first experience memorable: Sugar Momma’s likely know a thing or two more than you do about making a woman orgasm in the bedroom. So it’s important that the first time you have sex, you really keep your calm and allow her to freely express whatever needs she might have in terms of reaching climax. To impress her, you must demonstrate why you are worthy to keep around and support financially.

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