How To Keep Your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationship Sizzling

Every relationship hits an imaginary wall sooner or later. You get a little bored with your partner, your eye and your head starts to wander and if not nipped in the bud it can quickly turn the relationship sour and be the beginning of the end.

The same goes for Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy/Sugar Baby relationships, that start out hot and steamy and may end up damp and dour. Sugar couples need to be proactive about keeping the relationship spicy. For a Sugar Daddy, a surprise gift for his Sugar Baby will always help. Sugar Babies can surprise him in the bedroom with some sexy new lingerie or a spot of role playing with a nurse’s uniform. It will also make the Sugar Daddy feel good that you are spending some of your allowance on things that will make him feel good too.
One of the strongest ways to keep your sugar relationship healthy and exciting is travel – a recent study shows couples who travel together feel much happier and satisfied in the relationship. Trips together are romantic and sexy – sex in a swanky hotel room or, even better, on the balcony can be tremendously exciting and keep the relationship adventurous. 77% of couples surveyed who travel as a couple reported a healthier sex life during and post vacation, with only 63% of the couples who didn’t travel together saying the same.
Traveling together helps bring couples closer as they experience new things together, which also create memories and give you lots more to talk about. Approximately 60% of couples asked in the study reported that a trip did more for adding romance to their relationship than gifts. 

It doesn’t always have to be exotic places like the Maldives or Dubai, city breaks and weekend jaunts in the Florida Keys can add just as much zest to your sugar relationship. Even spending a weekend in a nice hotel in the city where you both live will be exciting and help keep things fresh. Sugar Babies can bring the sexy lingerie or the saucy nurse’s uniform with them too and turn it up even more!

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