How To Survive Your First Sugar Daddy Date

The benefits of a Sugar relationship are far-reaching for both parties, filling needs and desires most only fantasize about. So when you enter the privileged world of Sugar dating, its important to know what you are doing and how to survive. The first date between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby should set the tone for the rest of the relationship, so its important to get it right.

Sugar Daddy

You should both have negotiated your arrangement before this even happens. You don’t want an elephant in the room when you should be getting to know each other with a free mind. But, it’s not appropriate or necessary to exchange money on a first date with a Sugar Daddy as it will most likely just be an icebreaker meet up.

Once you have been on a couple of dates and you are both sure that this is going to proceed and develop then the arrangement you both agreed to can be acted upon. Sugar Daddies are generous by nature so don’t be surprised if he decides to give you a gift or a little something anyway.

Sex on the first date is highly inadvisable. This is something that should happen naturally as withian any relationship so don’t rush it. When both feel comfortable the moment will present itself and be something you both are feeling. It should not happen because you feel obligated, but out of a mutual desire.

Don’t ask for money or a gift per date. A monthly allowance is better, otherwise it seems very much like a transaction, without any feeling or tenderness. It will make your Suagr Daddy feel as if you are literally just there to collect. Hopefully your relationship will be long and fruitful so over time you will get what you expect, and as his feelings develop and he is more comfortable with you his generosity will also turn up.

Don’t come over as desperate on your first date. Be you – that smart, confident, independent chick you were before the Sugar date. Also if you are too desperate you might just settle for anyone that comes alone and you won’t be happy with your arrangement. Make sure you take your time and know this is the right Sugar Daddy for you. Things may be hard or your mind burdened with problems but don’t let that cloud your judgement.


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