How To Talk Money With Your Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

Discussing money can be an intimidating thing to do for many people, especially when asking for it. In the context of asking a Sugar Daddy for it, many Sugar Babies find it very uncomfortable but avoiding the subject can hurt you. To achieve your goals with your Sugar Daddy its paramount you have that conversation as early as possible in the relationship.

Approach the subject with confidence but don’t come across as if getting paid is what this relationship is all about for you. But if you don’t talk about it at all, it will for sure hurt you in the long run as you won’t get what you are seeking from your Sugar Daddy.

It can be off-putting for a Sugar Daddy if you bring up the subject in the first couple of messages you exchange, so choose an opportune moment to bring it up. This is essential before you actually commence dating, so do it in the context of talking about your life goals and the arrangement.

It doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation and your Sugar Daddy will probably be a successful businessman and very sued to discussing money. It may help him respect you more also, as you portray yourself as an independent woman as well, with your own ambitions.

Its important you make your Sugar Daddy feel that you are both there to meet each other’s needs, that you are interested in him as a person also, not just his wallet. Its just a way of figuring out how the sugar relationship will be mutually beneficial.

I’m sure your Sugar Daddy won’t waste anytime discussion what his needs are, so follow his lead. You can initiate the conversation by asking him just that – “What are you looking to get out of this relationship?”

After he shows you his hand first, your Sugar Daddy will either ask you for your opinion or it will automatically provide you with the chance to vocalize your expectations.

Overall, its most important that you are both on the same page from the first step in your relationship, which will help lead to a long and happy journey for both of you.

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