How To Tell If A Sugar Daddy Is Legit

Nothing gives Sugar Daddies a worse name than a fake one. In this day and age, when men groom young girls online with fake identities, there has been an increasing number of broke old guys masquerading online looking to score with young females and pretending to be able to take care of them.

Here are some pointers to ensure your potential Sugar Daddy is legit. Actions speak louder than words:  

Most man are prone to brag and boast, but do his actions put his money where his mouth is? He may talk about his court side seats a lot, but has he ever invited you? He may brag about his villa in Thailand, but if he’s never asked you to jet there with him, its more than likely the closest he’s ever been to Thailand is the local take-out. Make sure anything he says he can back up with actions.

Real estate not just real flashy:  If you have decent credit you can lease or finance a flashy Benz fairly comfortably. There are thousands of men who spend all their money on the illusion of wealth – a fancy car is the ultimate status symbol. But don’t think that just because he drives a nice car he has a nice house or houses. A lot of guys buy a car and rent a small apartment. Do your best to see where your Sugar Daddy lives, provided he’s not married of course. If he always avoids taking you there, and its not because of the wife, the alarms bell should be ringing.

Generosity is everything: Does you Sugar Daddy lavish you with gifts? Does he take you to the finest restaurants and doesn’t frown when you order lobster? He should be taking you to upscale malls, not the local swap meet and taking care of your rent. If he’s fake he’ll help you order the cheapest wine on the menu and go throughout bill with a fine tooth comb. If your Sugar Daddy is for real, there is no such thing as too much.

It is, of course, crucial your Sugar Daddy ticks all the right boxes before you agree to have sex. Don’t be persuaded by his alluring charm or what might turn out to be hollow words. Its all about tangibles, you have something he wants to touch, so make sure there are things you can touch too. Never give it up until your arrangement has been made. Look at being a Sugar Baby as if you are dating – couples often wait some time after a few dates before they get intimate so its no problem to make him wait. This is not prostitution and a real Sugar Daddy will show class and maturity. By the time you are ready you should be more than happy with the arrangement, if not, keep it moving. fake sugar daddy

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