Ideas and tips for keeping your Sugar Daddy happy

We all want to keep our men happy, right? Well that idea is no different when trying to keep your Sugar Daddy happy. Just because he loves to dote and spend his money on you does not mean he doesn’t have needs or things that need to be taken care of as well. These needs may not be in the bedroom alone. They may be in other areas. But lets just stick to keeping him happy in the bedroom.



1. Find out what he likes.

If you have this type of relationship, find out what his fantasies are. Explore with him and for him. Don’t be too bashful and don’t be afraid to get out there and have a little bit of fun. Remember, he is older so he is likely experienced in the bedroom department. Us his knowledge to your benefit and use your knowledge to his.  This could be beneficial to both of you.

2. Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky.

There is a good chance, while he may be well versed in sex, he may not have had a chance to express certain sexual desires in the past.  Pull out a pair of cuffs, some chocolate sauce or even a little span of rope. Allow him to tie you down or ask him if he would like to be tied up, teased and tortured.

3. He may not be into oral sex, but then again he may have not had a good blow job in several years, especially if you are his first SB.  Show him how you know how to please with your mouth. This may be something you don’t like to do, you can make it known that it’s not something you enjoy, but you are doing it to make him happy.  Have fun with it.

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