Increasing Number Of Irish Student Sugar Babies Seeking Sweet Deals With Sugar Daddies

Sugar daddy

The Sugar Daddy phenomenon has taken the Emerald Isle by storm, with hundreds of Irish students signing up for online sugar daddy dating. The students are choosing Sugar Daddies over student loans or low paid part time jobs to get by, with a 17% increase last year in college Sugar Babies based in Ireland.

There are approximately 26,000 irish Sugar Daddies and over 65,000 Sugar Babies currently engaged in online Sugar dating, with new signees joining daily.

The average Irish Sugar Daddy is aged 41 and earns an annual income of €240,436 ($320,000 USD.) About 33% of those Sugar Daddies are married, with bubblin’ Dublin topping the charts as the city for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

A whopping 42% of Sugar Babies in Ireland are students, others are professionals or single mums, with a tiny fraction married. The average Sugar Baby is 27, with the mid to upper 30’s generally being the age ceiling.

Female students the world over are turning to Sugar Daddies to help with college tuition, bypassing lengthy and expensive post-graduate repayment of student loans and part time jobs that are boring, low paid and distract from their studies. Irish Sugar Daddies are amongst the world’s most generous, with the average Sugar Baby receiving €6,200 ($8,200 USD) in monthly allowance and gifts.

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