Let’s keep that Sugar daddy happy!!!

Okay girls, you have found yourself a Sugar Daddy. He has promised to take care of you and all your needs. But what’s fair is fair and you need to make a conscious effort to make him happy. If this is a relationship you are choosing to be in. How can you make yourself stand out over all the other dozens of Sbs out there? You want to make him want you. Here are some ways for that!

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

1. Upon your first meeting, make sure you have great eye contact.

This is important. This will show him that you are confident and not afraid to meet situations head on.  Good eye contact shows that you are serious and have nothing to hide.  This is a good way to build up trust.

2. Do a little bit of light flirting. Touch.

We’re not talking about all out make-out grope session, but a hand brushing here. Or a gentle touch on the arm there. A little bit can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to touch. This shows him that you are engaging intimacy on some level. This also helps with building trust.

3. Do NOT bullshit and try to pull something over on him.

He is most likely a business man and has been for a long while. With age comes experience.  He is likely to spot someone spinning a story from miles away. Don’t do it because it will not end well.  If your Sugar Daddy is in his fifties or older, there is a very good chance he has made it to where he is in his working life because he makes good decisions and does not make them lightly. He puts a lot of thought and consideration into his choices. This is no different when he is looking for a SB. If he is going to be spending money on a SB then he needs to know what he is investing in!

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