Manchester, England – Sugar Daddy Phenomenon Growing At Fast Rate

Manchester, home to two of the most famous soccer clubs on the planet and one of the best nightclub scenes in Europe, is also riding high in the Sugar Daddy stakes. According to a recent study, there are now 4.68 Sugar Daddies for every 1,000 males in Manchester. 

Its only the UK’s 6th largest city, with a population of around 515,000 – so for it to be the second most popular city in the UK for Sugar Daddies – behind Bristol – it shows there are many budding Hugh Hefners in the north of England. 

A Sugar Daddy is a term for a man who is wealthy and older than the beautiful, young female on his arm, who lavishes her with gifts and a comfortable lifestyle in exchange for companionship and other benefits.

Research shows that Sugar Daddies in Manchester have an average age of 40 and spend a generous £2,247 (approx $3,800 USD) per month on their Sugar Babies.

While its obviously a growing trend in the city, some of its residents are skeptical, frowning on the desire to get-rich-quick without traditional working values:

‘’It’s glorified prostitution, said one in a local newspaper recently. “Years ago girls would do it to support their children but now they do it to support lavish lifestyles.’’ 

A high percentage of the Sugar Babies in Manchester, a huge university city, are college students who need help with expensive tuition fees and rent. The University of Manchester ranked #13 on the UKs tertiary education institutions with the most Sugar Babies list.

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