More And More Of Our Teachers Are Becoming Sugar Babies

A growing number of school teachers, faced with student loan overhang and wages that simply can’t fulfill they lifestyle needs, are hunting for Sugar Daddies to supplement their salaries.

Its estimated that about 40,000 public school teachers are moonlighting as Sugar Babies, something we suspect would be a bit too scandalous for your average PTA meeting.

Interestingly, the time when Sugar Baby teachers are most active is right before school is about to resume after the long summer break.

Long hours and pressure to produce the next generation of fine minds on comparatively meagre wages has seen an increasing number of teachers seek out Sugar Daddies to relieve stress and treat them to the finer things in life that a Grade II pay scale simply could not afford.

In a report released by the National Education Association teachers currently earn 50 percent less than the average American with a bachelor’s degree. This is despite the fact that over half of teachers have some sort of graduate degree. On top of that, educators on average work an extra 12 hours of non-compensated hours a week.

So all things considered these teachers should not be judged, as the average $3,000 a month a Sugar Daddy can add to their lifestyle is only what they deserve.


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