More Single Moms Seeking Sugar Daddies

There has been surge in single moms looking to brighten their lives with a Sugar Daddy in recent times, further diversifying the profile of a modern day Sugar Baby.

In a recent survey, over half of Sugar Babies polled were in fact single moms, no doubt seeking the companionship and financial help a Sugar Daddy can add to their lives. But of the near 66% of those surveyed who were single moms confessed it wasn’t all about the paper for them – they were genuinely attracted to older men.

A Sugar Daddy can add stability and support to a single mother’s life, and come with the maturity to handle dating someone who has children already. Many Sugar Daddies are fathers or grandfathers themselves so they are seasoned when it comes to raising kids.

Single mom Sugar Babies actually seem to have a closer relationship with their Sugar Daddy, often seeing them up to five times a week. It also does wonders for a single mom’s self-esteem to be wanted by a successful wealthy Sugar Daddy, who gives her attention and affection.

Another survey showed that an overwhelming 96% of Sugar Daddies have no problem committing to a relationship with a single mother. The residual benefits also filter down to the kids, who are often the recipients of gifts and cash also.

Most Sugar Babies actually don’t introduce their child to her Sugar Daddy until the relationship seems to be on a steady footing, after an average period of 6 months.
“My son didn’t get along with my Sugar Daddy,” said one single mom Sugar Baby. “I didn’t let that stop me from seeing him but I made sure there was never a chance that they would meet again. I just kept them in separate worlds.”
Single mom Sugar Babies tend to look for Sugar Daddies in the 40 – 55 age range, as there is a better chance of the relationship turning into something much more than an arrangement, as well as the Sugar Daddy being rich and maintaining some of his good looks.
Good news for all you single mom Sugar Babies out there – Hollywood heartthrobs Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney all qualify…..if you can just find a babysitter on Oscars night.

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