Online Photo Advice For Sugar Babies

Sugar Daddy

On SB photos: each has to be comfortable with her own preferred degree of discretion, her willingness to reveal or lack thereof. I know there are many different perspectives of SD’s on what a good photo profile looks like — some guys want to see all skin and lingerie, some don’t want any of that, and some in between. Here is just ONE SD’s perspective (mine), take it for what it’s worth:

When a Sugar Baby makes the decision she wants to join the Sugar Bowl, the first place most seek a Sugar Daddy is online, and vice versa. All men are visual creatures, Sugar Daddies perhaps more than any other as that is what is going to attract them to a Sugar Baby in the first place. So your profile photo, or even better photos, can make or break you when looking to attract a Sugar Daddy online

Make sure you actually do post a profile photo, you will simply get overlooked if you are trying to protect your privacy and not post a photo at all. Same goes for photos that don’t fully show your face or body, you will have less chance of attracting a Sugar Daddy. Choose at least one clear, non-blurred, non-fuzzy, non-headless face photo and at least one that shows your body. Failing to follow these guidelines will mean you have at least 90% chance of being ignored for the next profile. Having your Sugar Daddy have to ask for photos is wasting his time, when there is so much eye candy out there. It can also make him feel awkward asking for pictures, it may make him feel as if he is open to accusation of being a photo-hawk.

Don’t make your photos too sexed-up. Lingerie or less may make your prospective Sugar Daddy think you may actually just be a prostitute, at the very least it will smack of desperation on your part. Show what you’ve got in a classy, tasteful way. Lingerie or naked shots may attract that type of Sugar Daddy who is into a very sex-based relationship so decide what direction you really want to go in.

There’s no need for pofesssional-grade photographs, it can make a Sugar Daddy think your profile is fake, or you just downloaded some photos from Google and posted them as if it was you. Keep it real, use a cellphone or throw in a selfie – it will give your Sugar Daddy confidence you are real. But don;t keep it too real, you don’t want to post photos of you in a messy bedroom or kitchen.

Use more than one photo if you can – it will give your Sugar Daddy a more rounded impression of what you look like. You don’t want him to be disillusioned when he meets you in real life because he;s only seen one photo of you, so make sure you post a few, its always best. Try to make them recent also.

The photos that work best are the ones that bring out your personality – maybe with a pet or at a party, but make sure its not with some guy who has his hand around your waist. Keep it candid but classy is always the best route.

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