René Angélil – Celine Dion’s Sugar Daddy

Singing icon Celine Dion was just 26 years old when she married her Sugar Daddy René Angélil back in 1994. René was 52, but in one of the strongest sugar marriages in showbiz, the couple are still going strong together today.

Megastar Celine was first discovered by René when her mom sent her first recording to him when she was just 12 years old. René was an established music manager at the time and instantly believed in the young songstress, making it his life’s mission to bring her to stardom.

Celine Dion became a local sensation in Quebec and quickly progressed to conquer the French-speaking market. René and Celine started dating in the late 80s but the couple kept the relationship secret, wry of how people would react to the age gap. Celine went on to release her first English-language album in 1990, but it was in 1991, with the title track to Disney’s smash hit movie ‘Beauty And The Beast,’ that her career skyrocketed. Celine became a legend around the world collecting countless Grammys and other awards, all carefully steered by her manger René, who went on to marry his Sugar Baby in 1994.

Celine and René yearned to have children but couldn’t conceive naturally. After undergoing in-vitro fertilization, Celine gave birth to their first son in January 2001, and went on to have twin boys in 2010.

René underwent surgery for throat cancer earlier this year and has finally given up the reins to Celine’s career, but the power sugar couple remain as strong and as committed to each other as ever, a rarity in the fickle world of show business

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