Safety Tips For Sugar Dating

With the recent arrest of a Sugar Baby for the manslaughter of her Sugar Daddy Google executive, who she met online, we thought it an opportune moment to highlight some safety measures you can put in place when you enter the world of online sugar dating.

Trust is a major part of any relationship, more so in a sugar situation, so keep your guard up initially, without being too standoffish.

Never use you personal information when filling out an online sugar profile, especially email or physical address, phone number and full name. Don’t link any of your social media profile to your sugar profile, just compose a fun, friendly profile that says who you are without giving away too much.

You will quickly be in contact online with a potential sugar partner, but again don’t rush to give them you personal phone number or email. Make a specific email account connected to your profile, and if you feel to give a phone number after exchanging messages, try a Skype or Google number that can’t be directly traced.

Once you feel comfortable it is a good idea to ask the other person for their full name. You can then go online and do a background check or some other research to see if anything unsavory comes up. Check their social media pages aswell, they may offer valuable insight into the person and their character.

When it is time for you to meet your sugar partner in person always make sure it is in a public place initially. This should be done for the first three dates at least, to build trust and ensure the relationship is not just about sex. Not meeting in private will give you both a chance to talk and get to know your Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mummy or Sugar Baby more which is a great and very safe starting point.

Be careful when exchanging money, you don’t want to give an unscrupulous person a chance to make accusations of prostitution. Always use discretion and always report any cash given or received to the IRS.

Safety is the paramount concern you should have when entering a sugar relationship, especially if you are doing it online.

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