Schoolgirls solicit sugar-daddy dates in Tokyo

Japanese schoolgirls have been soliciting Sugar Daddies on the street’s of Tokyo’s Akihabara area, known as the center of the “otaku” (geek) culture, with its myriad of maid cafes and electronics shops.

Schoolgirls have been handing out fliers to potential Sugar Daddies, soliciting paid dates, known as “JK osampo (strolls.) JK is an anacronym for “joshi kosei,” which means high school girl in Japanese.

Girls as young as 17 years old are peddling strolls that price from 5,000 yen ($51) for 30 minutes, to 8,000 yen for 60 minutes and 12,000 yen for 100 minutes. The girls make it very clear, for the large part, that the Sugar Daddy cannot touch them.

One 17-year-old said on an average day she takes two or three customers, many of them in their 30s and 40s. She offers her Sugar Daddies the option to pay extra to receive “optional” services, where she wears a school uniform during the dates or agrees for the customer to take photographs of her. The girl said she gets 60 percent of the money paid by the Sugar Daddy, with the rest going to a JK strolls outlet, one of around 50 shadowy outlets in Tokyo that advertise to Sugar Daddies online.

These JK strolls outlets facilitate paid dates between Sugar Daddies and high school girls it employs to places like karaoke shops, restaurants and amusement parks.

The number of schoolgirls offering the paid dates with Sugar Daddy strangers increases on the weekend, which is when the Metropolitan Police Department intensify their patrols to combat the trend.

They recently arrested the 25-year-old manager of JK strolls outlet Coconut, as well as a 17-year-old girl, and two other individuals on suspicion of extorting 300,000 yen from a 49-year-old customer. Detectives said the four accused the customer of breaking the rules when he touched the girl on the shoulder and extorted him .

However due to exploitation of legislative loopholes by JK strolls outlets, it is hard for police to make arrests. The JK strolls operators do not allow the Sugar Daddies to be alone with the Sugar Baby on the shop premises and prohibit physical contact, which means the strolls do not fall into the category of harmful jobs.

This grey area has only heightened police fears that JK strolls operations could become rampant with sex crimes and minors involved in prostitution.


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