Sex Makes Sugar Daddies Live Longer!

Good news Sugar Daddies! Research has shown that having sex at least twice a week can almost halve the risk of heart disease. Not that Sugar Daddies need any extra incentive to indulge in lovemaking, but its now been proven that its good for the heart in more ways than one.
Scientists at the New England Research Institute, based in Massachusetts, spent 16 years tracking the sexual activity of more than 1,000 men aged between 40 and 70. The study revealed that Sugar Daddies who have sex regularly are up to 45 per cent less likely to develop a life-threatening heart condition than men who only have sex once a month or less.
The scientists concluded that these benefits could come from both physical and emotional aspects of sexual interaction and are now calling for doctors to ‘screen’ men for sexual activity when assessing their risk of heart disease.
‘Men with the desire for frequent sexual activity and who are able to engage in it are likely to be healthier,’ the scientists told the American Journal of Cardiology. ‘But sex in some forms has a physical activity component that might directly serve to protect cardiovascular health. Also, men who have frequent sex might be more likely to be in a supportive intimate relationship. This might improve health through stress reduction and social support.’
Each of the subjects of the study, all volunteers, were quizzed at set times about how often they had sex and were then checked for any signs of heart disease.
Sex has always been thought to be good for both physical and mental health, but this is the first time a scientific study has produced evidence of its benefits on major illnesses such as heart disease.

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