She’s 78 He’s 39 – Sugar Mummies Open Up About Their Relationships

Sugar Daddy
Sugar Mummys have been on the rise in the UK and were recently the subject of a TV documentary over the role-reversal cross-generational relationships. While the world still raises an eyebrow when it sees an older gentleman with a hot young female on his arm, it positively pops its eyes out when it sees an elderly Sugar Mummy with a young man. It challenges our ingrained ideas of beauty and sex, leaving many people uncomfortable at the site.
Take for example 78-year-old UK divorced grandmother Edna Martin, who is married to Simon, 39 years younger than her. Edna’s hobbies include knitting and organ music – the shared passion through which they met. Both say it was love at first sight.
‘I can’t imagine being without Simon, he’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night,’ Edna said.
Edna insists their age gap ‘doesn’t affect things in the bedroom’, while Simon chimes in that they are ‘at it like rabbits.’ He added: ‘You have to have a sense of humour about sex as it’s a ridiculous thing anyway.’
The major differences between May-December relationships when there is a Sugar Mummy involved is the possibility of having children. Many a Sugar Daddy has gone on to have a child with his Sugar Baby, but in cases such as Edna and Simon’s, that is never going to happen.  Many couples in this situation admit it has been an issue, but as with all Sugar relationships one of the most important aspects of sustaining it is keeping your expectations realistic and just enjoying the time you do have together.
The Channel 5 documentary shares the stories of several other Sugar Mummy stories, all with huge age gaps and socially-challenging appearances. One woman even explains her dying husband looked at her and said “get new boobs and a toy boy! I’ll be looking down on you smiling and saying good for you Joan.”
Needless to say Joan fulfilled her husband’s dying wishes, got breast implants and took to the internet in search of a toy boy. She got over 700 replies from guys who were interested but Joan met Phil via Facebook and they have been going strong ever since. She likes to try and keep herself young and in shape through exercise and spells on the tanning bed.
Watch their fascinating story, and many others like them, here:

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