Should Sugar Babies Care If Their Sugar Daddy Is Married?

Its a dilemma faced by many Sugar Babies who enter into a sugar relationship: Is my Sugar Daddy married and do I care? If you haven’t asked and he hasn’t mentioned the subject it can quickly become an elephant in the room. If you have already reached that stage, don’t assume that just because he hasn’t talked about it it means he is not married. A lot of Sugar Daddies enter sugar relationships to escape their lives, having a Sugar Baby can be an outlet for them in a variety of ways so he may just be guarding his privacy.

In many ways it may be best if you don’t know – if he’s married you may have feelings of guilt you didn’t have prior to knowing and it may very well be the first time you realize you are a mistress. That can be disconcerting and also enhance self-esteem issues you might already have regarding your choices for entering into a Sugar Daddy relationship.
If he hasn’t mentioned it and you don;t feel comfortable asking, perhaps you could look for signs if curiosity is getting the better of you. Where do you meet your Sugar Daddy? Is he very private about where he lives or works? Does he pay cash or credit card when he spends money on you? Does he have a cellphone just to take calls from you? The answers to these questions may provide clues to his marital status.
If you think he is lying to you about being married, that is a different story and you are entitled to the truth, so you know how to govern your own behavior with your Sugar Daddy, as well as your own provoke and security needs. So if you really want to know, go ahead and ask. But be prepared if the answer is yes. You may want to walk away, you may have actually started to fall in love with him and even considered a future with your Sugar Daddy so now you have to reconcile a whole new bunch of emotions.
There are many Sugar Babies who aren’t comfortable with being the “other woman” and make that clear from the outset, so if that includes you then ask so you know how to position yourself. Being a Sugar Baby never means you have to be a mistress, so don’t settle for anything you wouldn’t in a normal relationship.

But also consider this: what difference does it really make to your relationship? You didn’t enter into a conventional relationship in the first place but at the end of the day it is what ever makes you comfortable that you should do. Only you has to deal with your own conscious but if it doesn’t matter one way or the other then just let it be unless he brings it up.


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