Sugar Daddy

Maybe a you’ren aspiring Sugar Baby thinking of joining an online site to meet a Sugar Daddy, or start hanging out the golf club or luxury hotel bar in the hope of meeting one. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you become the Sugar Baby of his dreams.

Honesty is the Best Policy

You will expect honesty form your Sugar Daddy so make sure you mer that expectation too. Lying now may lead to problems later. Both parties entering a Sugar relationship being brutally honest is the best way for them to blossom, as you will both know what it is you are getting in to. Don’t hide anything, there is no point. If your Sugar Daddy decides you’re not for him there will be another choice for you. You want someone who will accept you for being you, not someone you are pretending to be. When it comes to the financial negotiation, be confident and up front about your expectations, as well as being honest about what Sugar Daddy can expect from you.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

 As a Sugar Baby part of what you are offering is being an outlet – a haven from Sugar Daddy’s everyday life. An escape. He doesn’t want drama or stress when he spends time with you, he just wants fun, so de-stress prior to your time with him. And if you find yourself getting emotionally attached to your Sugar Daddy make sure you keep that attachment realistic. He may be married – be real, is he going to leave his wife for you? Don’t overstretch your expectations from the relationship, just relax and have fun. If he is ready for a long-term commitment with you make sure you feel the same way too. Remember, honesty is the best policy!

Accept Your Gifts Graciously

Remember you’re dealing with a successful man. If he couldn’t afford to lavish you with gifts he wouldn’t have this gorgeous young lady on his arm. It may be the first time you’ve received an expensive gif or a large amount of cash, which can bring on feelings of guilt or self-worth. Remember who you are and that you deserve the finest things in life so smile, say thank you and make sure your Sugar Daddy feels equally as happy with the arrangement.

Be On Your Guard

First thing you must do is verify your Sugar Daddy says he is who he says he is. Meet in a public place first and make some observations that will help you decide wether or not he is real. If he’s coming on too heavy for sex on the first meet, then you know you may be in the wrong situation. If you are using an online service to meet your Sugar Daddy try and ensure you use one that verifies members. And don’t leave home without your phone!


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