Sugar Babies How To Keep Your Honey Pot Sweet

Sugar Daddy

Ok Sugar Babies gloves off time; let’s talk about the taste and scent of your honey pot. Every woman has a unique vaginal bacterial “fingerprint” that gives off a distinct and personalized taste and smell. Ask any Sugar Daddy what a vagina tastes like and you would get a whole range of different answers, depending on their experiences with each woman they’ve gone down on. Salty, bitter, fishy, sexy, clear, no-scent-at-all – the descriptions will be endless. You’ve probably never noticed but most men, Sugar Daddies included, will do a sneaky finger test before they go down on you or have sex, to test the smell and cleanliness of your vagina.

The scent and taste that your vagina emits are the result of a combination of factors – such as your body’s natural smell, what you eat, the pungency of the soap you use and your vagina’s natural juices. It can be very off putting for a Sugar Daddy if his Sugar Baby doesn’t smell right down there and can put him off oral sex and even sex altogether, which will severely hamper your relationship. 

So here’s some advice to keep that honey pot as sweet as it can be and keep your Sugar Daddy buzzing back for more.

Wash It:

The most obvious and first step to having a fragrant, delicious honey pot is to ensure you wash it thoroughly at least twice a day. And always use a mild, unscented soap or better still, get a special intimate wash with neutral Ph value.

Air It Out:

Bacteria love damp places so keep down there dry at all times. Cotton panties are more advisable over less breathable synthetic fabrics and don’t worry they can be sexy too. Save those thongs for special occasions with your Sugar Daddy. Wash your laundry with detergents that do not contain dyes or fragrances that will clash with your body’s natural scent, also.

Never Spray it:

Sugar Babies, dousing your vagina in perfume may have the opposite to the desired effect, so avoid perfumes around that area. The alcohol and synthetic fragrances found in perfumes can actually worsen vaginal odor and disrupt the PH balance. And its certainly not going to make you taste any better.


Use Wet Wipes:
A quick extra clean with baby wipes after each trip to the bathroom can reduce urinary tract/vaginal infections and help keep you fresh down there. Non-scented baby wipes are best. 
Eat Right:
Science has proven that vegetarians have better tasting secretions than meat eaters, so it follows that what you eat will be a factor on how your honey pot tastes and smells. Eat things like yoghurt, almonds and honey for breakfast and your Sugar Daddy will probably tell you you taste like dessert. Fruits or vegetables are high in natural sugars, so pineapples, celery, red grapes, cranberry juice, watermelon and lots of water will have your natural juices tasting sweet and fresh. 
Any food that makes your farts stink, your breath bad or makes your pee smell foul should be avoided, as it will have an adverse affect on how you smell down there. Unfortunately alcohol, coffee and spicy food tend to make the vagina taste sour and its no surprise asparagus, garlic and raw onions will make it smell bad. 
Treat it:
Any sign of a yeast infection needs to be treated right away as its a sure cause of foul odor. Vagisil, which can be bought over-the-counter at pharmacies, is a popular cream you can use, and can eliminate odor and itchiness. If it continues or worsens, consult your doctor ASAP.
Dip it:
An old wives remedy for healthy vaginas is to dip a clean tampon into plain, unsweetened yoghurt and then insert it into your vagina for an hour. The healthy bacteria in yoghurt fights the unhealthy ones in your vagina and helps eliminate any fishy or unpleasant odor. Do remember to wash your vagina thoroughly after removing the tampon. However, stay clear of flavored yoghurt or ones with high sugar content, as they can increase the risk of yeast infection.

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