Sugar Baby Advice: Be That Lady In Red

Sugar Daddy

We recently gave you budding Sugar Babies some advice on what to wear on your first date with your Sugar Daddy. Well, here’s some advice if you want to capture the attention of a Sugar Daddy in a crowded room – trade in that lithe black dress and break out the hot number in red! A recent study by psychologists from China has shown that a lady in red is seen as being more attractive, in more ways than one.

A group of men were asked to look at photos of women dressed in red, white, or blue and then rate how attractive they were. Topping the list almost all of the time were the ladies dressed in red – who were seen as most attractive, warmest and most competent.

The dating process is often a minefield so its good to be able to control the messages you send out to your Sugar Daddy and use them to your advantage. Sugar Daddies have been proven to find a woman in red more sexually stimulating.

As Sugar Babies outnumber Sugar Babies almost ten to one, its also useful to know the power of a red dress when attending Sugar dating events or parties. Another study also showed that women find other women dressed in red as threatening and intimidating to their own sexuality so while it might work for you in trying to snare you a Sugar Daddy, be mindful that you’re having quite an affect on fellow Sugar Babies too!

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