Sugar Baby Who Killed Sugar Daddy Google Executive Appears In Court

Alix Tichelman, 26, met her Sugar Daddy Forrest Hayes, a 51 year-old Google executive, via an online Sugar Daddy website. She now stands accused of manslaughter and other charges, after Hayes died from a heroin overdose last November.

Tichelman is accused of injecting Sugar Daddy Hayes with the heroin and fleeing the scene when she realized he had overdosed. She pled not guilty when she appeared in a California court this morning to answer the eight charges – including manslaughter, prostitution, destroying evidence, and heroin possession.

Despite her attorney’s pleas that she had “been demonized” and is a frightened, “wounded bird,” Judge Timothy Volkmann denied the request for Tichelman to be released on her own recognizance and that her bail be reduced from $1.5 million.

Her attorney argued that the Sugar Baby was receiving a substantial allowance from her Sugar Daddy and therefore had no motive to kill him. It seems the case may have opened a can of worms, as the Sugar Baby is now vein investigated in connection with the death of a 53 year old man she was involved with in September 2013.

Dean Rioppele, from Milton, GA, also died form a heroin overdose. In a Dexter-Like twist, Tichelman may actually be a serial killer, after investigators found posts on her Facebook account alluding to being a murderer.

“Really nice to talk with someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood . . . and they love it too,” she wrote in a June 28 post.

After initially being cleared of any wrongdoing in the case, footage from the yacht was obtained and showed Tichelman calmly gather her belongings, finish a glass of wine, step over Hayes’ body, clean a counter and draw down a blind before exiting the yacht. She didn’t try to help Hayes or call 911 at the time.

She was caught in a sting operation after being lured to a hotel on the promise of being paid $1500 for sex. She was also found in possession of a syringe loaded with heroin.

Alix Tichelman - Google exec murder

Alix Tichelman – Google exec murder

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