Sugar Daddies Having Babies With Their Sugar Babies

Sugar Daddy

There has been an up trend over the last decade in the age of the average father. A study has shown that almost 66% of babies have been born to fathers aged 30 and over, meaning just like sugar relationships, having a child when you are older is no longer unusual. Sugar Daddies can father children at any age, unlike their female counterparts; its common knowledge that the female ability to reproduce is greatly reduced after a certain age, but men can go on creating children as long as they can have sex.

Sugar Daddies make great fathers; they have achieved so much success in their lives that they can afford to take time out and spend as much time as possible growing their new born. They don’t have the stress of career pressure and bills that younger fathers are burdened with which also takes a good deal of stress of the Sugar Baby Momma!

“There’s the economic reason that causes people to delay having children, the desire to focus on careers and the difficulties of buying your own home when young,” agrees a family planning expert from the UK.

A Sugar Daddy has a wealth of life experience he can pass on to his new child, giving the child a head start in life in more ways than one; they have the perspective of wisdom. The Sugar Daddy may not be a first time father with his Sugar Baby either, meaning he can pass on invaluable advice and support to the mother as he has been there and done that. Having older siblings is also more love and support for the new child.

Statistics show the rise in age of fathers is also attributed to the rise in second marriages for men, sometimes with younger women, which can mean becoming a father again at a more advanced age. And men these days, especially Sugar Daddies, are feeling much healthier and living longer, giving them the confidence to become a father again at a later stage in life. 

“Forty is the new 30. Both men and women feel they have the energy for parenting later in life,” added the expert.

It all adds up to a very stable environment for a child, giving him or her the perfect start in life, surrounded by love, financial and emotional stability and someone who can interact with them on a daily basis.

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We can’t see changes in sperm quality so we suspect there is something happening to his DNA – or he’s having less sex.”

Dr Allan PaceySheffield University

And Sugar Daddies having children later in life are in good company – Rod Stewart (66), Sir Paul McCartney (61), Clint Eastwood (66), Frank Skinner (55) and Gordon Brown (55), are all in the Sugar Daddy Baby Father club.

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