Sugar Daddies Helping Educate the Nation, Taking Care of College Fees

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

With spiraling tuition fees and extortionate Student Loans, that leave graduates indebted for years after they enter the work force, a growing number of resourceful female college students have become sugar babies.

With the advent of online sites that connect people of divergent ages who both have individual needs to be filled, more and more college sugar babies are finding sugar daddies are entering into these mutually agreeable relationships. A look through some of the online sugar daddy sites will see a plethora of girls with ‘college student’ listed in their profile.

Sugar babies are pocketing an average of $3,000 a month, sometimes more, as they seek out willing sugar daddies to foot the tuition bills.

“Whenever we’re together he gives me money without me asking for it,” said student Rebecca. “Sometimes I see him 3 times a week and he never give me less than $500. Its not strictly business as we do have fun, but at the end of the day we both know we have needs aside from companionship.”

Rebecca says she saves the cash to pay for her tuition, admitting she is intimate with her sugar daddy but refutes the claim it is little more than prostitution.

“If I am in college studying and working a crummy job for minimum wage that won’t see me through,” she adds. “I can have fun, he makes me laugh and I get to go to nice places too. It gives me more time to study also, instead of having to work every night to make ends meet. Its a lot less stressful than waiting tables and smiling with strangers in the hope I get a bigger tip. To me that’s more like prostituting myself because its oppressive.”

Rebecca refers to their relationship as dating, explaining that when people date they have sex, but she never felt pressured into sleeping with her sugar daddy.

And in countries where the online presence of these niche dating sites isn’t so prevalent, the practice is also becoming common. Whilst the tuition fees in the Caribbean aren’t as high as they are in the US for example, the income per capita is a lot lower so girls still turn to sugar daddies for assistance and companionship.

Rebecca says she is looking forward to leaving college without the overhang of a student loan.

Many of the online sugar daddy websites do as much as they can to ensure the safety of the girls, verifying income and doing criminal background checks for example.

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