Sugar Daddy Beatle Paul McCartney Still Rockin’

72-year-old pop icon and former Beatle Paul McCartney had his first foray as a Sugar Daddy two years after his loving wife of thirty years, Linda, died of breast cancer in 1998. 

Sir Paul sent the tabloid tongues into overdrive when he was seen out and about with a model, Heather Mills, 27 years younger than him. Mills came to public attention after she continued her catwalk modeling career despite having the lower half of her leg amputated after an accident with a police motorcycle. They were married in 2002 but six years later Heather Mills signed off on a divorce that made her one of the richest Sugar Babies ever. She walked away from the marriage to Sugar Daddy McCartney a cool $38.5 million richer.

During divorce proceedings and following the settlement, Sugar Baby Mills became a figure of hate in the UK, vilified in the press and disdained by the public. Mills attributes the hatred towards aimed at her as a direct result of her relationship with McCartney.
“It was one thing to lose a leg, overcome a ­disability, but you cannot marry a Beatle, absolutely no way, so now we’re going to crucify you,” she said in a 2010 interview.
But the whole experience didn’t put McCartney off Sugar Babies at all; he soon began dating Nancy Shevell, who is 18 years younger than him and they were married in 2011. They are still happily married.

Sir Paul is one of only two surviving members of The Beatles, the most successful pop band of all time and who are credited with being the first bout band ever. The other surviving member, Ringo Starr, has shunned the Sugar Daddy lifestyle and has been married to wife, former Bond girl Barbara Bach, for 40 years. 

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