Sugar Daddy Capitals of America

The Sunshine State, Miami specifically, is home to the most generous Sugar Daddies in the nation. No surprise there as wealthy men from the colder climbs of the US migrate south in their golden years, as well as the growing number of Europeans and South Americans all calling Miami home in their twilight. They have money to spend and the desire to find a hot young female to help them liquidate some cash.

Atlanta tops the list as the city with the highest number of Sugar Daddies per capita, 5.98 per 1000 men. Scottsdale, Arizona and San Francisco follow behind respectively.

Look at the graphic below to see a shift in Sugar Daddy culture that clearly illustrates it is becoming more mainstream and widely accepted. Compared to 2007, the average age has dropped, so has the percentage of Sugar Daddies who are married. While income for Sugar Daddies has dropped slightly over the years, the amount they are prepared to spend on their Sugar Babies has pretty much remained the same. at an average of $5,692 per month.

Sugar Daddy Capital

Sugar Daddy Capital

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