Sugar Daddy Cruise

Last year saw the world’s first “Sugar Daddy Cruise,” which took place on the Cabana Boat in August, setting sail from New York Skyports. The criteria was very specific – the promoters invited a boatload of beautiful women, aged 21-39, along with wealthy men, aged over 30.

The cruise doubled as a 50th birthday celebration for New York’s self-styled most famous Sugar Daddy, Alan “Action” Schneider.

“The Sugar Daddy Lifestyle is a throwback to traditional relationship values,” said ‘The Action Man.’ “Where the roles are defined between men and women. The man is the primary provider and is chivalrous and pampering; while the woman is nurturing.”

Mr. Schneider held court aboard the vessel, offering free “Sugar” relationship advice to everyone who attended. He spoke about real-life situations and the potential pitfalls of cross-generational relationships, as well as keeping realistic expectations on both sides. He was also keen to put to the rest the old image that a Sugar Daddy has to be in his 70s or 80s and his Sugar Baby has to be a gold-digging airhead inner 20s.

“Today’s Sugar Daddy is commonly a man in his 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond who not only has discretionary income, but is willing to devote time to listen, mentor, and enrich his sugar baby,” said Schneider. “Whether it’s helping her do her college assignments, establish a business, or just mentor her, the Sugar Daddy provides much more than money to the relationship. The bottom line is that these relationships have brought much happiness to both men and women.”

Schneider, who has hosted over 50 Sugar Daddy events to date, invited Sugar couple Lisa and Walter, who hooked up at one of Alan’s events and are now engaged to be married, as Guests of Honor. There was also music on two decks, a 10′ long Sugar Baby Dessert Bar, Cigar Lounge and a lot more besides.

After a successful cruise attended by hundreds of paying guests, Alan and his sponsors are planning to set sail again later this Summer for the second edition.

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