Sugar Daddy of The Century

A recent online poll was conducted in the US to determine the greatest Sugar Daddies of the last century. It contains a somewhat celebrated and motley crew of legendary and infamous Sugar Daddies, some of whom may surprise you for their inclusion.

Topping off the list is the favorite and most controversial President in US history – John F Kennedy, who was said to have had a string of affairs with models, reporters, interns and even Marilyn Monroe. JFK narrowly beat the man who personifies the Sugar Daddy – Hugh Hefner, 84, who recently married a blond model 60 years his junior.

While Sugar Daddies such as Charlie Sheen and Kelsey Grammar are stalwarts in the game as well as Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, they are just ahead of Woody Allen who is a Sugar Daddy under dubious circumstances. Allen took the term Sugar Daddy a bit too literally and married his (adopted) Korean daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. But even then, we still can’t decide who we dislike more – him or ’The Donald!’


Who is the Sugar Daddy of the Century?

  • 1. John F. Kennedy 29%
  • 2. Hugh Hefner 16%, 
  • 3. Kelsey Grammer 14%, 
  • 4. Tiger Woods 11%, 
  • 5. Charlie Sheen 8%, 
  • 6. Tiki Barber 6%, 
  • 7. Donald Trump 6%, 
  • 8. Mick Jagger 5%, 
  • 9. Woody Allen 4%, 
  • 10. William Randolph Hurst 1%

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