Sugar Daddy Parties The New Rave

New York has seen a sudden rise in Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby balls, connecting young and beautiful women with older guys with cash and gifts looking for company.

Hedge fund managers, lawyers, construction company owners and many more businessmen, ranging from men in their thirties to their eighties, are attending these parties that put a new visual spin on regular bars; the young and beautiful women are fawning over the not-so-pretty men, but its whats in their pockets that matters.

Successful men are busy by nature and these guys are also using these parties as ways of genuinely meeting women they otherwise might not have time to do. Its speed dating with a gilded edge. The general feeling amongst the sugar daddies is that they don’t want the sugar babies to come across too transactional, they want to be made to feel as if they are attractive in ways that don’t include their wallets.

Sugar Babies from Manahttan, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and the Bronx mingle with tall heels and hair extensions from Russia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Like some of the Sugar Daddies, some of them are also attached but the income stream is attractive. Some even attend wight he blessing of their boyfriends, who will ultimately enjoy the cash aswell and be relieved of the pressure of having to provide luxury items.

And guys, if you’re lucky enough to attend one of these parties, you will be glad to discover that the women outnumber the guys three to one on average. The women tend to be more on the aggressive and proactive side because of the stiff competition and come pre-armed with tactics to win them a sugar daddy. The guys are in their element, leaning back in chairs while lithe young women in mini skirts flirt and whisper in their ears.

When the night is over, the odd guy can be spotted slipping back on a wedding band, some leave as couples, some alone. The sugar babies are looking for money for a date, not a one-night stand. Some guys walk away fro these events with dates for seven days a week, and the pockets to back it!


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