Sugar Daddy Relationships Scientifically Proven To Be Better!

A study published in the ‘Journal of Personality and Social Psychology’ has proven that the Sugar Daddy relationship is far healthier than its counterparts.

Sugar relationships have been on the rise in recent years and those outsiders who scoff and stigmatize those who partake in them may have to reconsider after reading this report. Their bearish theory on Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby situations is always that they are based solely on money. While that is far from the truth, it is an element that certainly makes sugar relationships healthier.

The study surveyed 900 participants and found that an overwhelming majority of straight men felt inadequate if their partner succeeded more than them financially.

“Men automatically interpret a partner’s success as their own failure, even when they’re not in direct competition,” said the study’s lead researcher.

On the opposite side, women feel much better about their relationship if their man is successful emotionally and financially, with no effects on their self-esteem.

The study proves that both sexes are more comfortable and happy with men as the provider, therefore the Sugar Daddy relationship is the perfect vehicle. Many women are still naturally drawn to a man who can play the role of strong provider in the relationship. And Sugar Babies provide many benefits for a Sugar Daddy and his esteem, leading to an overall happier situation, both individually and in unison. This is a major reason more and more sugar situations are leading to long term romance and committed relationships. 

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