Sugar Daddy University Is Here!

A fast-growing social arrangement is rapidly taking over the world – “Sugarizing” – where young virile women are turning to older men with spare cash with the mutual goal of satisfying each other’s needs. One is financial with benefits, the other companionship with “benefits.”

Sugar Daddies are hot property these days, with eager sugar babies outnumbering them 10 to 1, as the online Suagr Daddy dating scene continues to explode. With so many Sugar Babies around, competition is fierce so an enterprising self-styled Professional Sugar Baby has set up a university to teach aspiring young ladies the fine art of how to capture a Sugar Daddy.

Carla Abonia, along with her Sugar Daddy mentor Alan Schneider, set up the university for women seeking rich older men for financial satisfaction.

‘I’m going to be teaching how to view the relationship,’ said Ms Abonia. ‘So it can be prosperous and beneficial for both sides.’

Based in New York, the course avows to teach willing students the five key elements of being a successful Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy: sexuality, understanding, generosity, attraction and reciprocity.

‘It’s not just about sex,’ said Mr Schneider in defense of the university. ‘We help them discover a spark, a real connection and many couples get married.’


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