Sugar Mummies in Nigeria

Nigeria has seen a surge in Sugar Mummy culture – reports claim that the role-reversal practice is becoming more and more popular.
From frustrated housewives home alone in the daytime with only their “house boys” for company, to the upper echelons of the corporate world, the rise of the Sugar Mummy has gathered pace and power.

A growing number of young men have been seeking out Sugar Mummies through a number of online dedicated niche hook-up sites. “Sugar sons,” as they are known, are expected to meet the companionship and sexual needs of their Sugar Mummies, who will take care of them financially and lavish them with gifts.

Cynics of the cross-generational relationships scorn young guys who would rather seek out a rich older woman than work to make a living, but the Sugar Boys have hit back:

“For many years older rich guys have been getting beautiful Nigerian girls because of their bank accounts and big cars and nobody said anything,” said one Sugar Boy. “Now the tables have turned all of a sudden we are the bad guys. I don’t care what anyone has to say, I am having fun and so is my Sugar Mummy and I am providing for my family as well.”

Some Sugar Boys live in big houses and drive flashy cars thanks to their Sugar Mummies, with their own unsuspecting wives or girlfriends often unaware of the source of income. It is also being alleged that the practice has crept into government ministries, where Sugar Mummies are pushing big contracts and jobs in the direction of their Sugar Boys.

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