Sugar Party For LA This Month

Sugar Daddy

A glamorous Hollywood-style sugar party is being thrown in LA this month, September 18, when the LA Rouge Masquerade Party takes place at Boulevard3, 6523 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

If you’re in town the party presents a unique and great opportunity for you to meet a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy. Instead of searching through photos and profiles online, the mystery and pretense will be dropped for the night as you will get to meet and greet, even choose, your Sugar Baby or Daddy in the flesh.

Dress code for the party is red-themed, though organizers say black is also fine. Attire does have to be formal, however, so dress to impress. Men should be in suits or a tux, women in gowns or cocktail dresses and fancy heels. One thing you must wear is the seductive mask, so make sure that accessory is at the top of your list.

The party organizers decided to go wight he mask theme because of the chic and mysterious allure they have, as well as keeping a modicum of privacy from the paparazzi who might be lurking. Most party stores stock a lot of fun and sexy masks.

The venue, Boulevard3, is right on Sunset Blvd and has an outdoor garden where smoking is permitted. Sensual chocolate fountains are promised as you enter, with indulgent hand-dipped treats to set the tone. The party promises to be elite and about excess, fun and perhaps meeting the Sugar Baby or Daddy of your dreams.

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